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iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG and iPad Repair.

Cracked phone repair iphone and Samsung

Fast repair of most common Smartphone issues.

Cracked Screens
  • Glass / LCD replacement
  • Large parts inventory
  • 30 Min repairs
  • Apple and Android
Water Damage
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Microscopic inspections
  • Data recovery
  • All parts on-hand
Audio and Buttons
  • Speaker and mic repair
  • Headphone jack
  • Camera and button repair
  • Damaged frame or lens
Power / Charging
  • Charge port replacement
  • Board connector repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Power drain inspections


Advanced Repairs

Micro Soldering:
We use new technologies and special tools to identify and replace faulty micro components and connectors that until now could not be fixed. This gives new life to valuable phones thought doomed.

Data Recovery:
Advances in data recovery, especially around your phone's NAND chip technology allows us today to better access and retrieve pictures, contacts, texts, passwords, pretty much anything from even the most damaged or "dead" phones.

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